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        Telephone: 18344562309
        Address:B030-B031 Guangzhou Decoration Materials Market,No.30 Nan An Road,Guangzhou.

        The Austrian subsidiary Austrian decorative arts design arts doors and windows is a set of solid wood doors, solid wooden doors, solid wood doors, molded doors, PVC, paint doors, steel doors, stainless steel security doors, aluminum windows and doors, sliding doors and other products R & D, design, production in one of modern windows and doors company.
        The company has the domestic first-class professional production equipment and modern workshop, several imported high-precision production lines, from raw material to finished product all the implementation of international standardization, specialization of production. Sales throughout the various parts of China and Europe and the United States and other 20 countries, praised by customers.
        Doors and windows of the Austrian Art, in search of a lifestyle, an international perspective, passed through the culture, arts rhyme, tolerance, style, service, faith "the honor and responsibility, open the ideals and noble for you to create stylish, elegant, warm homes door.
        Austrian Arts and Decoration Design Co., Ltd. set interior decoration design and construction, cabinets, wardrobes, interior doors and windows matching the integration of the company ...

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